Youth Section

Youth Section

For young talents of 12 – 16 years of age. Exceptionally talented children younger than 12 years of age may also apply. Childrend under 14 must be accompanied by parent (or relative).

Studies are available for violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, woodwinds, brass and limited percussion. Students will receive private lessons and play in chamber ensembles and the youth orchestra. Musical studies will be supplemented with sports, excursions, handicraft and choral singing. Youth students will be invited to a special small group designated for the Youth Section.

Due to their their age students must agree to participate in all planned programs and to being under adult supervision. In the evenings youth students have to return to the dormitory by the agreed time. Both students and parents have to sign the Parental responsibility contract. Adult supervision will be provided in the dormitory.

Solo intrumental lessons

Crescendo Summer Institute’s Youth Section provides each student with instrumental lessons fit to their level and goals. Apart from having at least 6 individual lessons during the two weeks, students can also work with the collaborative pianist of the Youth Section. They also get the possibility to practice, and perform at concerts based on the faculty’s decision.

Chamber music

Those who apply individually for chamber music course, will be assigned into groups based on their level of skills. Repertoire will be decided by Csilla Dominkó, Youth Section chamber music teacher, and all participants shall be informed on the repertoire prior to CSI. Chamber music ensembles are usually composed of students from different countries to emphasize the importance of cultural versatility and allowing students to experience the international atmosphere of music.

CSI Youth Orchestra

Youth Orchestra has a high priority within the Youth Section, developing both instrumental method and style. The Youth Orchestra repertoire includes baroque pieces and oratorio parts, with participation of the voice students and the choir of the CSI. The Youth Section faculty help young musicians work with their part, preparing the students for playing music together, holding part rehearsals, as well as joining the students performing in the orchestra.

The aim of the orchestra course is to be able to use the expressiveness and technical skills obtained in orchestra play in solo performances as well, and also to create co-operation of the students despite the differences in their level of skills.

Crescendo Summer Institute takes great emphasis on building a community, opening students towards each other in spite of different cultural backgrounds, being a cornerstone of the constructive atmosphere of CSI. Understanding and realizing the importance of having an ear to the orchestra is vital, and is beyond technical skills. The main guidelines of group practicing are learning the repertoire, understanding instructions and musical intrepretation, as well as the development of the proper handling of the instruments due to the special space instrumentalists have when performing as part of the orchestra. The 90 min rehearsals improve attentiveness both vertically and horizontally, in time and in depth.

The repertoire of the Youth Orchestra will be performed during the Crescendo Festival.


DELA FONTE, Mateus (BRA), classical guitar

DOMINKÓ, István (HUN), piano

DOMINKÓ SALLAI, Csilla (HUN), cello, Youth Section chamber music

DUDÁS, Eszter (HUN), viola

FÜZESSÉRY, Attila (HUN), violin, Youth Orchestra

KOLINEK, Józef (POL), violin

KULIKOVA, Polina (RUS), collaborative pianist

MISKEI, László (HUN), collaborative pianist

PINTÉR, László Zsolt (HUN), oboe

PAPAZOGLOU, Kostis (GRE), flauto dolce

SEEMAN, László (HUN), French horn